Certified Translator

My NAME is Joanna McCoy, and I am a sworn and certified translator and interpreter of English in Kraków.

My LANGUAGE CAPABILITY is probably best defined by the fact that I speak English all the time: even more so than Polish. I have been a part of a bilingual household for the last 15 years and I raise bilingual kids. In other words: I spend a LOT of my time immersed in English: reading, speaking, watching TV in English. I lived in English speaking countries (Ireland, Great Britain, USA) for several years and others (Switzerland). I have a real PASSION for languages and I REALLY LIKE WHAT I DO.

My EXPERIENCE: Although I usually work with legal firms and institutions, I provide interpretation and translation services to over 200 individual and professional clients from various parts of the world: Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Iran, Canada, Germany, Mauritius, India, Spain and Japan. I have a recommendation of the British Honorary Consulate in Cracow.

My CLIENTS typically are lawyers and legal firms (for whom I usually work during negotiations, also outside of Cracow), businessmen and members of the medical profession like doctors and technicians, but also patients. I specialize in General Law, Contract Law, Agreements (SHA, SPA), I regularly translate companies’ articles of association, partnership agreements, investment agreements (I completed over 20 000 words of agreements in the last 6 months), documents from the field of intellectual property law, informed consent forms. I cooperate with the Regional Commercial Court on a regular basis and usually translate around 40 000 words in documents from international commercial cases. I have a responsive, supportive and open approach to CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you represent a company from outside of Poland I can help you find lawyers, graphic designers, notaries. I can send your documents via courier or a taxi or arrange to have your documents picked up at your office. For some of my clients from abroad I am their contact person in Poland.


–  M.A. degree in American Literature from the Catholic University of Lublin, 2001

– post-graduate degree in specialized translation from the UNESCO Chair at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, 2010

–  British Company Law module at the City University in London, 2011

–  NATIONAL EXAM at the Polish Ministry of Justice, 2011

– post graduate studies in Evidence Law (Criminology) at the Department of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, 2015

My latest training was GDPR FOR TRANSLATORS, so you don`t have to worry about the safety of your documents or personal data. They are secure with me. I do not use a CLOUD or SUBCONTRACT TRANSLATION of documents entrusted to me personally.

PRO BONO – since 2013 I dedicate my free time to charity work. I spent three years working for Stowarzyszenie Piękne Anioły, whom I had the honour to represent during a local TEDx Kraków event in June 2015 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saWe5AOSa-8).

I currently work for Małopolskie Stowarzyszenie Probacja (www.probacja.org), association working to reinforce family ties between children and their imprisoned parents. I manage media, PR and general promotion of the association.

It has been my aim to achieve the highest professional level possible in Poland: the certified legal translator and interpreter, and after a long and intensive process I got to that level. For me passing the exam was just a start, an obligation to continuously raise my qualifications and never to let the high standards slip.

 I will be happy to work for you.



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